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Fix Trucks like Iron Man

REINFORCE is the world-leading commercial truck repair guide, powered by voice. Helping 300,000 technicians get your gear back on the road.

Superpowers for your technician workforce

REINFORCE makes your good techs better and your new techs faster. We've built a voice-powered progress tracker. It helps new techs complete their repairs, learns from experienced techs, and rewards tips that accelerate repair times.

Employment of diesel service technicians and mechanics is projected to grow by 12% from 2019 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations. 67,000 technicians will be needed to replace retired workers and 75,000 new mechanics must be added to meet additional demand by 2022.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics


Development Team

The REINFORCE tech team is a diverse group of developers from UT Austin, SMU, Austin Coding Academy.

Dora Gurfinkel

Technical Lead Developer

Dora’s a Mathematics and Computer Science student at UT, where she likes to explore tech solutions to societal problems.

Jenna Gullick

Full Stack Developer

Jenna is a Wellness Director during the day and a Full Stack JavaScript student at Austin Coding Academy at night.

Selena Solis

Full Stack Developer

BS in Mathematics, current Austin Coding Academy, Full Stack Javascript

Anirudh Goyal

Full Stack Developer

Anirudh's a computer science student at UT. He likes to develop full stack platforms and integrate them with data for making smarter decisions

Taylor Lewis

Front End Developer

Front End Web Developer. SMU Coding Bootcamp Graduate

Kyle Foster

Full Stack Developer and Voice Lead

Full stack web developer. SMU and TTS graduate

Product Team

Gavin Gillas

Project Coordinator

Gavin's a former IP attorney and tech CEO, he builds enterprise blockchain software as a partner at Yeoman's Growth Capital

Rick McDonald

Content Lead

Digital Marketing, Documentation, and Analytics. Interested in digital inclusion and open data.

Henry Windsor

Product Lead

Mechanical Engineering Major at UT and Part time diesel technician


Detailed repair builds for your entire fleet

Task Overview

Voice checklist with time tracking and progress rewards


Track performance by tech, facility, and fleet

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Built With Launchaco